Pokémon: Generations

3D action and adventure game modeled after Pokemon


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  • Category Combat
  • License Free
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  • Size 2.60 MB
  • Works under Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by Xatoku Productions

"Pokémon: Generations" brings you back into the exciting world of Pokémon battles with beautiful graphics and a reinvented combat system.

Fans of the Pokémon franchise have been asking for a 3D title for over a decade, but they received nothing more than a handful of console games that generally veered away from the traditional style of play. That is why gaming enthusiasts from the development company Xatoku Productions decided to take things into their own hands and create "Pokémon: Generations." While this title is no longer supported by Xatoku Productions, it remains a popular game among the most loyal Pokémon fans.

Within moments of jumping into the storyline, players will quickly realize that this game was inspired by the Pokémon games as well as the shows and movies. Players take control of Ash Ketchum, a young boy who is just starting off on his journey to become the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world. In order to get a feel for the controls, the game begins in a small field that allows players to use a default Pokémon to fight other basic creatures.

The biggest change in this game is the combat system. Instead of the traditional turn-based combat, players physically control the movement and attacks of their Pokémon throughout the entire battle. This is accomplished with a number of macros and hotkeys for attacks, dodges, and various items. Before initiating an attack, the player must choose a primary Pokémon and then call them from their PokéBall. Once the Pokémon has been released, the battle can be initiated.

During a battle, trainers direct their Pokémon around the area and set them up for powerful attacks. Just as with all other Pokémon titles, every creature has its own strengths and weakness. The Pokémon's hit points and PP are displayed just above their head with two horizontal bars, and items can be used to restore all of their stats. When the opposing Pokémon is weak, any style of PokéBall can be thrown to capture it.

Created in the Unity programming language, this game was designed to immerse players in the world of Pokémon with unique graphics and a new combat system. While the gameplay is exciting and the artwork stunning, quite a few important features have been left out of the game. This makes it an excellent stepping stone for the next generation of 3D Pokémon titles.


  • Beautiful modeling for the creatures and items
  • Single and multiplayer game modes
  • Excellent battle animations


  • No longer officially supported by Xotaku Productions
  • Repetitive strategies for battles
  • Many unfinished features
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